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When your vehicle has been impounded, you may be in a panic. You may not know what to do or where to turn.  If your vehicle has been impounded in Georgetown or the surrounding areas, there are some steps you have to take to ensure getting your car released is a seamless process. Please note: that you will need to abide by laws governed by the state to have your vehicle released from impoundment.  Here are the requirements you need to have your vehicle released:

  • A valid identification card, typically a driver license that is issued by the State or Federal government.  And one of all of the following:
  • A tax collector’s receipt
  • A notarized power of attorney
  • The title of the impounded vehicle
  • Valid vehicle documents (registration, title, insurance, etc.).
  • Registration renewal card
  • A TDLR affidavit of Right of possession and control.

Please note: your address much match the address on your identification, and you must have EXACT change of all fees and dues that are required to release your vehicle.

In some cases, there may be items left in your vehicle while it is impounded. If you need items removed from your vehicle while it is being stored in a storage facility, there are also some steps you can take to get access to your vehicle.

Here are the steps you need to take that are required by law.

  • If you are the vehicle owner, or you have an authorized official, you or he may be able to remove items from the vehicle as long as you present a valid state or federal issued identification card, and any one of the proof of authority documents that is listed above.
  • You may not dismantle, damage, or remove any parts of the vehicle such as your car radio, the engine, tires, or any other parts on the vehicle.
  • You will have to create an itemized list of what was removed from the vehicle and present it to you’re the vehicle storage facility.

What can you do about vehicles that have holds enforced by law enforcement?

In some cases, when the law enforcement has a hold on your vehicle, it simply cannot be released until the law enforcement agency gives the impound permission to release the vehicle. The TDLR has no control over the law enforcement hold, and does not have the authority to determine whether if the hold is appropriate or not. The person of the vehicle must contact the law enforcement agency and arrange an agreement to have the vehicle released before the storage facility releases the vehicle or its contents.

Payments can be made through cash, and debit cards that have a MasterCard, Visa or Discover logo. Please note: No credit cards can be used, debit cards only!